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Sony Walkman Digital Media Players NWZ-W262 - White

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    Sony Walkman® Digital Media Players NWZ-W262 - White 


    Let your style shine through with the new Sony Walkman® W262. Available in four cool duotone colours, it allows you to enhance your individuality and hip appeal with ease. Wireless, lightweight and water-resistant, Sony Walkman® W262 also complements your active and sporty lifestyles. So that wherever you go and whatever workout you do, you can enjoy your favourite tunes while looking your best. 





    With its trendy duotone and wireless designs, Sony Walkman® W262 epitomises style. Match it with your favourite sporting outfits and up your cool factor instantaneously.

    Compact Size

    The compact earpiece ensures a snug, comfortable fit - perfect when you want to groove to the hottest beats.

    Water Resistant

    Come rain or shine, you can count on your Walkman® W262 to be your style and workout companion. Its water-resistant, washable features mean that you can wear it in all weather conditions and rinse off dirt under a running tap.

    3 Minutes Quick Charge

    Rushing for time? Give your Walkman® W262 a fast 3 minutes charge and enjoy 60 minutes of non-stop music playback.

    Drag & Drop

    Enjoy easy transfer of your MP3, WMA, AAC-LC and Linear PCM audio files with Windows Media Player and iTunes®. You can also transfer your music files conveniently through drag-and-drop on your PC.


    Searching for your favourite tune has never been easier. Press the ZAPPIN™ button to preview the chorus of each track for either 4 or 15 seconds. Once you have found your song, press the button again to start playback from beginning.

    8 Hours of Playback

    With 8 hours of playback4 after just 1.5 hours of full-charge, you can count on Walkman® W262 to play you the hottest tracks for a full day. 4In MP3 format at 128kbps.


    • Memory 

    • Input / Output Terminals

    • Maximum Power Output 
      (16 ohms/mW)

    • Power Source

    • Recharging Method

    • Recharge Time

    • Weight

    • Supplied Accessories 

    • Clear Audio

    • Searching Methods

    • Play Mode

    • Continuous Playback Time

    • Number of Songs

    • Maximum Recording Time


    USB microB connector / Hi-Speed USB (2.0) 


    Built-in Li-ion Rechargeable Battery / USB power 

    USB-based charging 

    Approx. 1.5 hrs (full charge) 
    (Quick Charge - 3 min charge for up to 60 min Playback) 

    Approx. 32g 

    Ear Buds (S/L) 
    USB cable 
    Quick Start Guide 
    “Content Transfer” software in Walkman® MP3 Player 

    EX Headphones 

    ZAPPIN™ (Short / Long) / Folder Skip 

    Repeat / Shuffle & Repeat 

    Approx. 8 hrs (128kbps) 

    Approx. 470 (128kbps) 

    Approx. 31 hrs 20 min (128kbps)




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